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From the Producer:

I have & will cherish what we created over the last 12 years.   We dreamed up the intention..... It took all of YOU ... to MAKE IT what it became!!  I am thankful for the 3rd Coast family, I wouldn't trade the experience or the friendships created for anything in the world. My heart exploded with love and immeasurable appreciation during our final year together.

For all of you who attended, supported and helped create 3rd Coast … Look around you….GRATITUDE, SUNSHINE and GLITTER are raining down upon you!!

About 3rd Coast : 

2016 was our final year.  3rd Coast proudly embraced many forms of dance, movement and music education throughout its 12 year run.   It was an annual new years’ family reunion with the finest attendees, most talented teachers, creative artists, brilliant musicians, best parties, stellar vendors, generous and knowledgeable volunteer staff and the shows…. the shows were something to behold.   Everyone shared the best they had to give on our stage AND we were fortune to have an incredible stage space in a historic theater to showcase our performers.

3rd Coast was created to bring varied educational opportunities to the community.   A little of this, and a little of that, all in one place.   Our attendees broadened their knowledge base… discovered new teachers and studied with dance historians… studied music, music theory, costuming, circus arts, theatrical presentation, business, self-care….. and so much more.

Peace, luv’n pancakes,

PS: Apparently something is keeping me from absolutely retiring ....So...Keep an eye out for a little-tiny dance and music event in March 2017 in Houston.

Closing note:

Never stop supporting your home studio. Our home studios are where we all first fell in love with the dance. Praise and unending thanks to all the studio owners out there…. YOU are creating the next generation of dancers… as you have created all of us who dance. THANK YOU!

With knowledge of and respect for our dance roots…
We dream of what can be created…
And we create it!





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